Bubble Balloons- qualatex bubbles are made of a stretchy plastic and are long lasting with self sealing valves.

Qualatex Latex Balloons- recognised as the very best 100% natural biodegradable latex.

Bunting- this is a flag shaped banner.

Banner- made with foil/ plastic ideal for walls or outside.

Air-filled Balloons- standard latex balloons filled with air, these come in a wide range of designs and shapes.

Helium Balloons- latex or foil balloons filled with helium gas, making them light enough to float (due to helium gas having a lower density than air).

Foil Balloons- filled with helium gas, these come in endless designs and shapes.

X-Large Foils- filled with helium gas, these are larger than standard sized foils and give that extra wow factor.

Airwalkers- these airwalk balloons are over 3ft in height and are filled with helium gas.

Big Numbers- these numbers are available in pink, blue, gold and silver and when inflated with helium they are 34"/ 86cm X 22"/56cm.

Single Bubbles- bubbles are made of stretchy plastic and are long lasting.

Double Bubbles- these are made of stretchy plastic and are long lasting, with different designs inside.

Latex Balloons- our balloons are of the highest quality latex.

Balloons Packs- these latex balloons can be filled with air or helium.

Wedding and Party Packages

Bouquets- these are made using high quality latex for any party, wedding or corporate event; the possibilities are endless.

Archways/ Walkways- using the finest quality latex balloons, perfect for making that grand entrance.

Centre Pieces- these are made up of latex balloons, tulle netting, dried flowers and vases the possibilities are endless.

Cloud Nine- using high quality latex balloons for that something extra special.

Flowers- using an assortment of qualatex latex balloons these flowers will brighten up anybody's day.

Balloon in a box- helium filled foil balloon in a gift box ready to collect or post to you.


Photo Frames- these come in a wide range of designs and sizes.

Baby Boy and Baby Girl- we stock a wide range of gifts from teddy bears, keepsakes and much more.

Greeting Cards

Special occasion cards for special occasions including moving house, new job, new baby, congratulations, Christmas and Easter.

Birthday cards for all ages in a wide range of styles.

Holy Communion cards for naming days, First(1st) holy communion, holy communion, confirmation and christenings.

Anniversary cards for all kinds of anniversaries such as weddings and engagements.

Other occasion cards for other occasions such as bon voyage and sympathy cards.